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Heat Treating

Heat Treating/Thermal processing uses many techniques and processes to improve metal properties, extend the life of metal components and is a vital part of the manufacturing process. Landmark offers a variety of heat treatment processes and complies with most manufacturers specifications.

Heat treatment capabilities:
Annealing, Sub-Critical Annealing, Solution Heat Treating, Normalizing, Austenitizing, Tempering, Precipitation Hardening, Case Hardening, Stress Relieving and Straightening.

Heat Treatment Specifications:

  • AMS-H-6875
  • AMS 2759
  • BAC 5617
  • BAC 5619

Heat Treating Conditions:

  • H900
  • H925
  • H975
  • H1000
  • H1025
  • H1075
  • H1100
  • H1100M