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An age hardening, high strength aluminum alloy. Best for optimum strength to weight ratio structures. Used in the manufacture of truck wheels, aircraft structures, and screw machine products, scientific instruments, veterinary and orthopedic braces and equipment, and in rivets.

AMS 4035Aluminum Sheet and Plate. O Temper
AMS 4037Aluminum Sheet and Plate. T3 Tempers.
AMS 4120Aluminum Bar
DMS 2257Aluminum Plate. 2024-T351 Frature Toughness Tested
QQ-A-200/3Aluminum Bar
QQ-A-225/6Aluminum Sheets and Plate.
QQ-A-250/4Aluminum Sheets and Plate.
QQ-A-250/5Aluminum Sheets and Plate. Clad
WW-T-700/3Aluminum Tubing.