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The 7075 alloy is capable of high strength as developed by heat treating. It also has excellent properties at low temperatures. Commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft and other aerospace applications not requiring the corrosion resistance of 7075 Clad.

AMS 4045Aluminum Sheets and Plate. Solution Heat Treated. T6 Tempers.
AMS 4078Aluminum Plate. Solution Heat Treated and Stress Relieved. T7 Tempers.
AMS 4124
ASTM B209Aluminum Sheet and Plate.
BMS7-186Aluminum Forgings.
DMS 2098Aluminum Forgings. Aircraft Grade. T7352 Temper.
QQ-A-200/11Aluminum Extrusion
QQ-A-225/9Aluminum Bar. Cold Finished.
QQ-A-250/12Aluminum Plate and Sheet. Bare
QQ-A-250/13Aluminum Plate and Sheet. Clad
QQ-A-367Aluminum Forging