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Nitralloy 135 UNS K24065

Nitralloy 135 Modified, as it is commonly known, is a low alloy nitriding steel grade with moderate hardenability. It was designed to provide a high case hardness while maintaining its core strength during nitriding. VAC-ARC and VIM-VAR melting procedures tend to yield the most preferred ingot solidification, as well as superior cleanliness. Aerospace applications, including gears, crankshafts, cams and bolts.

AMS 6470Nitriding Steel Bars and Forgings.
AMS 6471Nitriding Steel Bars and Forgings. Normalized and Tempered.
AMS 6472Nitriding Steel Bars and Forgings. Hardened and Tempered to 112ksi min.
MIL-S-6709Nitriding Steel Bars and Forgings. Aircraft Quality.